The 39 Best Mens Outdoor Clothing Brands

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G uys who are serious about being in the great outdoors know that when it comes to the clothes, you don’t mess around.

Because for real outdoorsy types, the right gear isn’t just about style; it’s about enduring nature’s challenges, enhancing the adventure… and, you know, staying alive.

But with a seemingly infinite number of brands in the outdoor clothing industry, how’s a guy to know which ones he can count on, and which will leave him hanging?

(Hopefully not literally.)

To make sure you’ve got the proper gear, we’ve sifted through the abundance of options out there and narrowed down the best outdoor clothing brands in the world for every kind of adventurer.

Whether you’re into hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, or some other potentially life-threatening activity, this list can help make sure you’re wearing the best gear for the task.

After all, you’ve got enough things to worry about in the wilderness (like bears, snakes, avalanches.. I’ll stop now), your clothing shouldn’t be one of them.

So gentlemen, get ready to gear up; nature is calling! 

The (Absolute) Best Outdoor Clothing Brands for Men

Rounding Up the Top Outdoor Clothing Brands from All Around the World

Best American Outdoor Clothing Brands

These are the Best Outdoor Clothing Brands Made in the USA


Man in Patagonia apparel

There’s no denying that Patagonia is one of the most popular outdoor clothing brands in the world, thanks to its high-quality products and impressive sustainability practices.

Founded in 1973 by rock climber and environmentalist Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia has been a pioneer in outdoor gear and apparel, both casual and technical.  

From their iconic fleeces to their waterproof jackets and backpacks, Patagonia offers a wide range of styles and sizes so there’s something for every outdoor adventurer. 

What’s more, Patagonia has increased their efforts towards sustainability, incorporating recycled materials and ethical manufacturing practices to minimize their impact on the environment. 

With a deep commitment to our planet, they’ve become synonymous with eco-conscious practices, donating a percentage of profits to environmental causes. 

Check Out Patagonia ➤


Person hiking in socks from Smartwool

At the heart of Smartwool is the magic of merino wool, a virtually perfect fabric that’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and incredibly soft. 

While they’re highly regarded for all of their USA-made performance and lifestyle apparel, Smartwool is particularly known for their line of merino wool socks. 

You can shop their wide range of socks based on activity, whether it’s hiking, running, skiing, hunting, biking, and more, and find a variety of styles uniquely designed to handle each adventure. 

Additionally, they offer base layers, pants, outerwear, underwear, blankets, scarves, and accessories, all made from merino wool and backed with a two-year guarantee. 

Check Out Smartwool ➤

Black Diamond Equipment  

Man wearing gear from Black Diamond Equipment

Originally focused on producing high quality mountain and rock climbing gear, Black Diamond expanded its offerings over the last decade to include apparel, backpacks, and other outdoor equipment. 

Their products are designed with the demanding needs of the most skilled climbers, skiers, and adventurers in mind, with a focus on durability and functionality. 

Their relentless commitment to refining their technical gear has not only elevated safety standards, but has empowered adventurers to conquer new heights and terrains.

Black Diamond is also committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices to minimize their impact on the environment. 

Check Out Black Diamond Equipment ➤

Outdoor Research  

Man holding skiis

Producing award-winning outdoor clothing and gear since 1981, this Seattle-based company’s origins start with a near-death experience. 

The company was founded by Ron Gregg, a nuclear physicist who loved exploring the outdoors and was inspired to make quality gear after his frostbitten partner was airlifted off a glacier. 

Offering a wide range of products for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, and first responders, Outdoor Research’s mission is to make sure adventurers are equipped with the best, from ergonomically designed gloves to weather-resistant apparel.

Unsurprisingly, the brand is committed to sustainability and has set climate action goals to address the pressing issue of climate change. 

They also offer an Infinite Guarantee warranty on all products, reflecting its commitment to premium quality and customer satisfaction.

Check Out Outdoor Research ➤

The North Face  

Man in North Face jacket looking at mountains

This brand likely needs no introduction, since their famous down jackets are spotted on the streets just as much as on the mountains. 

But don’t let their mainstream appeal fool you: 

It’s also one of the most popular brands for technical apparel among hardcore climbers, backpackers, and adventurers alike. 

Named for the most challenging side of the mountain, The North Face has been a trailblazer in outdoor apparel since the 60s, particularly mountaineering and backpacking. 

Today, The North Face offers a wide range of products, including jackets, pants, backpacks, tents, and footwear, all designed with the needs of outdoor adventurers in mind. 

The brand is known for its innovative materials and technologies, which provide superior insulation and protection from the elements. 

Check Out The North Face ➤

Western Rise  

Man on bike wearing Western Rise

This forward-thinking men’s apparel company creates sustainable and durable clothing for the modern “one-bag” traveler. 

Their range of performance clothing combines the highest-quality fabrics and innovative designs to create adaptable, versatile apparel that folds up small so it’s efficient for travel. 

With dual-purpose items — like the Evolution Short that doubles as khakis and swimwear — 

Western Rise is a great option for guys who explore everything from city streets to the highest peaks.

Check Out Western Rise ➤

Columbia Sportswear

Man wearing gear from Columbia Sportswear

One of the biggest outdoor retailers in North America, Columbia has become a household name for outdoor equipment and casual apparel. 

One of the most affordable brands on our list, they offer an extensive collection of outerwear and footwear, as well as clothing, accessories, and even camping equipment, at surprisingly reasonable prices. 

Check Out Columbia Sportswear ➤


Man in apparel from Filson

Established in 1867 outfitting pioneers of the Gold Rush era, Filson has since grown into a trusted brand among loggers, fishermen, miners, ranchers, and forresters. 

They specialize in technical clothing that can stand up to extreme weather conditions, from rugged outerwear and foul weather gear to clothing like overalls, flannel shirts, and chaps, and long underwear. 

Check Out Filson ➤

Nike ACG

Nike ACG

Nike’s ACG (All Conditions Gear) line is the best thing to happen for those who want outdoor apparel from a name they already know and trust. 

Crafted with the same innovation and style that made their shoes famous, Nike ACG combines function with the brand’s signature urban flair. 

Their range of travel bags, rain shells, and of course, footwear, is designed for adventuring — be it  rugged trails or urban jungles. 

Check Out Nike ACG ➤


Men in Joshua Tree National Park wearing Prana

Imagine the quintessential lifestyle of a nature-loving Californian — that’s this brand’s whole vibe.

They offer sustainable and stylish clothing for active lifestyles with a focus on yoga, hiking, climbing, surfing, and travel. 

Plus, their designs, which prioritize movement and comfort, are made using materials and processes that have minimal ecological footprints.

Check Out Prana ➤

Mountain Hardwear 

Man ice climbing in Mountain Hardwear gear

Founded by outdoor enthusiasts, Mountain Hardwear produces equipment and clothing that champions resilience. 

Their focus on mountaineering and extreme conditions ensures that each piece stands up to nature’s harshest challenges, all while offering the utmost comfort and functionality.

As one of the best outdoor brands from the United States, they have, in recent years, innovated their product line, ensuring high-quality materials are at the forefront. 

Check Out Mountain Hardwear ➤

Eddie Bauer  

Man in woods wearing Eddie Bauer

A name with a long history in the outdoor apparel market, Eddie Bauer is one of the favorite outdoor clothing brands of adventurers and casual outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

They carry a vast range of high-quality rain wear, insulated jackets, base layers, sweaters, polos, footwear, bags, accessories, and much (much!) more, making it a great option for all of your adventure needs. 

Check Out Eddie Bauer ➤


Man in woods wearing apparel from Kuhl

Hailing from Salt Lake City, this boasts exceptionally durable and versatile outdoor clothing, particularly for hiking and daily life activities.

Whether you’re embarking on a long hiking trip or camping with the family, Kuhl apparel will keep you warm and comfortable.

Plus, they source all of their materials from ethically minded and environmentally conscious partners. 

Check Out Kuhl ➤

LL Bean

LL Bean

Over a century old, LL Bean’s legacy is firmly rooted in bridging outdoor apparel with the fashion world. 

From their iconic duck boots to their extensive range of outdoor gear and clothing, it’s a good place to turn if you’re looking for outdoor wear that’s both comfortable and stylish. 

Check Out LL Bean ➤

REI Co-Op  

Man jogging

REI Co-op stands out as the go-to brand for top-notch outdoor equipment at affordable prices. 

They offer a huge selection of merchandise from the best brands in the outdoor clothing industry, including many of the names on this list. 

With a vast range of quality gear, clothing, and expert advice, they’ve established themselves as a trusted source, emphasizing member benefits and commitment to sustainable practices.

Check Out REI Co-Op ➤


Men trail running in apparel from Janji

Named for the Malaysian word for “promise”, Janji’s own promise is two-fold: 

To make high-performance running apparel designed for the great outdoors; and address the pressing matter of clean water around the world. 

They offer a small range of featherlight, moisture-wicking, breathable running apparel and accessories, of which 2% of sales go towards global water projects in Kenya, Indonesia, Peru, and more.

Check Out Janji ➤


Man hunting in the woods wearing Sitka gear

This Montana-based hunting gear brand uses advanced technologies and materials to create high-performance hunting gear, while also prioritizing sustainability and conservation efforts.

They offer a wide range of popular products for various hunting styles, environments, and weather conditions with features such as waterproofing, camouflaging, and insulation.

Check Out Sitka ➤


Man outside wearing a Marmot jacket

Originally named Marmot Mountain Works, Marmot started out specializing in down-filled outerwear and sleeping bags in the 1970s. 

Today they sell just about every type of outdoor apparel and gear for adventurers and mountain enthusiasts, prioritizing both quality and sustainability.

Check Out Marmot ➤


Embodying the spirit of American resilience, Carhartt has been outfitting workers and outdoorsmen for over a century. 

Their rugged, durable clothing is a testament to craftsmanship and commitment, ensuring that men are equipped, whether they’re on the job site or an outdoor expedition.

Check Out Carhartt ➤

NW Alpine

Man in the mountains wearing clothing from NW Alpine

Designed for the mountains by those who conquer them, this Oregon-based outdoor clothing company specializes in base layers and technical jackets for alpine climbers and adventurers. 

With a focus on lightweight and durable fabric, their garments promise optimum performance, ensuring that climbers are unrestricted and comfortable when taking on the next challenge. 

Check Out NW Alpine ➤

Best British Outdoor Clothing Brands

Rounding Up the Best Outdoor Clothing Brands from the UK


Man in the mountains wearing Berghaus snowsuit and gear

Founded in 1966 by mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, Berghaus initially began as an importer and distributor of outdoor products. 

Today, it’s arguably the best outdoor brand to come out of England (or at least, one of the best). 

Recognized for their technical expertise and attention to detail, the brand prides itself on using state-of-the-art materials and technology to create products that are functional, stylish, and built to last. 

In addition to their commitment to quality, this B Corp Certified company is deeply dedicated to sustainability, using recycled materials and ethical manufacturing practices to minimize their impact on the environment.

Check Out Berghaus ➤


Man outfitted in gear from Rab

This UK-based outdoor gear company has been designing and manufacturing high-performance outdoor equipment and clothing (or “kit”, as the Brits say) for over 40 years. 

They’re so committed to making the most innovative and reliable products that they work with athlete ambassadors to test their gear in the world’s harshest environments. 

From jackets and sleeping bags to tents and backpacks, Rab’s products are designed with the comfort and safety of serious outdoor enthusiasts in mind. 

In addition to their focus on performance, the company is making huge strides towards eco responsibility, using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices to minimize their impact on the environment.

Check Out Rab ➤


Hikers wearing Montane gear

For over 25 years, Montane has partnered with global mountain professionals to design products that can withstand the harshest mountain conditions. 

So it’s no surprise they’ve earned a solid reputation for their quality and durability. 

Today, they’re a go-to brand for lightweight, waterproof, and windproof technical clothing for endurance sports and outdoor activities. 

Check Out Montane ➤


Man rock climbing in Jottnar gear

A relatively young company in the outdoor apparel space, Jöttnar was founded in 2013 by two British Royal Marine commandos who had recently been stationed in Arctic Norway (hence the brand’s Norse name).

While they started out offering only four products, today their range of products includes jackets, pants, base layers, and accessories such as hats and gloves.

Their gear is tested in real conditions by a team of athletes, which is why it’s trusted by outdoor professionals from guides and mountain rescue teams to specialist military units.

Check Out Jottnar ➤


Man hiking in clothing from Alpkit

Operating under the mantra “Go Nice Places, Do Nice Things,” this independent British brand focuses on offering well-made outdoor clothing at affordable prices — without harming the planet.

Whether you’re hiking up a mountain, setting up camp under the stars, scaling rocky cliffs, or simply cycling around town, Alpine has clothing for every adventure, rain or shine. 

What’s more, Alpkit is one of the best sustainable clothing brands on our list (literally, they’ve won awards for it). 

Using recycled materials, donating unsold products, and repairing customers’ old gear — even from different brands — are just some of the ways they demonstrate their strong commitment to sustainability.

Check Out Alpkit ➤

Best European Outdoor Clothing Brands


Man in the mountains wearing gear from Norrona

When it comes to warm outdoor gear that can stand up to harsh conditions, who better to trust than the Norwegians? 

Founded by outdoor enthusiast Jørgen Jørgensen in 1929, Norrøna started with simple innovations such as leather straps, canvas backpacks, and cotton clothing. 

Today, this premium outdoor clothing brand offers products known for their excellent quality and exceptional weather protection, whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, climbing, or hiking. 

(Fun fact: Norrøna created the original mountain tunnel tent, devised the standard monitoring system for backpacks, and was the first company to use Gore-Tex® waterproof fabric in Europe.) 

Admittedly the price point is quite high compared to mainstream retailers, but you’re getting the highest quality and protection, so it’s likely worth it. 

Check Out Norrona ➤

Helly Hansen  

Man with skiing equipment and apparel from Helly Hansen

With over 140 years of experience, this Norwegian outdoor brand has earned a reputation as a trusted and respected brand in the outdoor industry.

A pioneer in waterproof clothing, they’re primarily known for producing high-quality rain jackets and gear for elite sailors, but their technical innovations in cold weather gear have made them a go-to brand for winter sports enthusiasts.

What sets Helly Hansen apart is their unique blend of Scandinavian design and innovative technologies, like their patented Helly Tech waterproof fabric and H2Flow temperature regulating system. 

Sustainability is also a top priority for the brand, and they’ve set ambitious goals to reduce their environmental impact as well as being big supporters of various outdoor and ocean conservation initiatives. 

Check Out Helly Hansen ➤


Man in shorts from Houdini

Houdini, with its Swedish origins, seamlessly integrates sustainability into performance wear. 

Their wide range of products, versatile and eco-friendly, speaks to the modern adventurer who values ecological consciousness as much as utility. 

Their products are made with 100% sustainable fabrics, meaning they are either recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable, and the company has set ambitious goals to reduce its environmental impact going forward.

In addition to its eco-friendly focus, Houdini Sportswear is known for its innovative design and technology, featuring unique fabrics that are both highly functional and stylish. 

Check Out Houdini ➤


Person wearing Fjallraven backpack

You may not be able to pronounce their name, but you’ve definitely seen their backpacks. 

Another European brand, Fjällräven is a Swedish company that sells outdoor apparel and gear in multiple categories, but specializes in well made backpacks. 

In addition to their bags, they carry a wide product offering that includes everything from puffy jackets and sleeping bags to everyday products like wallets and beanies.

Check Out Fjällräven ➤

La Sportiva

Man running up a hill wearing La Sportiva

This Italian brand’s main focus is technical footwear, but they also offer clothing, and accessories for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, trail running, skiing, and mountaineering. 

With a focus on innovation and technology, their line of footwear includes climbing shoes, approach shoes, hiking boots, trail running shoes, and mountaineering boots designed to be high-performance and durable. 

Check Out La Sportiva ➤


Person hiking wearing Cortazu apparel

As a Certified B Corp, this Dutch clothing brand focuses on products that are high-quality, durable, and environmentally friendly.

They offer a range of products for hiking, snow sports, and everyday life, including waterproof jackets, fleece jackets, pants, and even  foldable outdoor chairs. 

Check Out Cortazu ➤


Olympian Shaun White wearing Moncler winter gear

Moncler’s slogan “Born in the mountains, lives in the city,” pretty much sums up their unique slopes-meets-streets style.

More of a luxury outerwear company than an “outdoor” brand, this Italian-based label began as a down-jacket boutique in a small mountain village in the early 2000s, but has since expanded to offer vests, windbreakers, ski attire, knitwear, shoes, and more.

But don’t let the high-fashion (and high price tags) fool you; Moncler has plenty of cred when it comes to outdoor gear:

Recently, the brand partnered with snowboarding icon Shaun White to promote a collection of technical and performance apparel.

Check Out Moncler ➤


Man wearing Cotopaxi

Another Certified B Corporation, Cotopaxi brings heart to outdoor gear. 

Their colorful, high-quality gear and apparel is ethically and responsibly made, and comes with a lifetime-repair or replacement warranty. 

Beyond crafting exceptional equipment, each purchase supports humanitarian causes, reflecting the brand’s ethos of adventure with a purpose. 

Check Out TK ➤

Best Canadian Outdoor Clothing Brands


Man wearing Arc'teryx

This North Vancouver based company isn’t just the best outdoor gear company in Canada — it’s quickly becoming one of the most revered mountain apparel and outerwear brands in the world

The company’s name is derived from the Archaeopteryx, one of the earliest known birds, which represents the brand’s focus on evolution and adaptation. 

With everything from base layers to footwear, insulation, climbing and skiing gear, daypacks and more, Arc’teryx gear is known for its high-end quality, performance, and durability. 

The brand’s products are designed and tested in the rugged conditions of Canada’s Coast Mountains (some of the most unpopulated wilderness on earth), ensuring that they can withstand even the harshest environments. 

Check Out Arc’teryx ➤

Unbound Merino  

Unbound Merino

Changing the narrative on travel attire, Unbound Merino has crafted a line of clothing that’s as innovative as it is practical. 

Their merino wool pieces are odor-resistant, breathable, and designed for extended wear, making them the globe-trotter’s trusted companion.

Check Out Unbound Merino ➤

Moose Knuckles

Model for Moose Knuckles

A fashion-meets-function brand born in the heart of Canada, Moose Knuckles understands cold like no other. 

Their premium outerwear, renowned for warmth and cutting-edge style, is a fortress against the harshest of winters, ensuring you remain toasty in plummeting temperatures while also looking fashionable as hell.

In addition to being a trusted brand for protection against the elements, Moose Knuckles has earned its share of street cred thanks to partnerships with iconic artists, like Alanis Morissette, Kardinal Offishall, and Post Malone (just to name a few).

Check Out Moose Knuckles ➤


Person wearing Pajar boots in the snow

This brand’s mission is to make winter footwear, as well as coats, and other apparel, that allow wearers to explore and adventure during all four seasons, regardless of climate. 

Founded in 1963 in Montreal, Pajar is known for its high-quality products designed to withstand cold Canadian winters – particularly their winter boots with retractable ice grippers

In addition to their winter products, Pajar also offers a range of spring and fall jackets, as well as accessories such as hats and scarves.

Check Out Pajar ➤

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