The 60 Best Gifts that Start with C

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L et’s face it: Shopping for the perfect gift can be tough enough without having to find one that starts with a specific letter of the alphabet. 

But these days, letter-themed gift exchange parties are so popular, it’s no surprise that you’ve found yourself in that exact predicament. 

Seeing as you’re reading this post, it’s safe to assume your upcoming gift-giving theme is the letter C (maybe because it’s for Christmas, a Christening, a person named Chris… you get the idea). 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

With our carefully curated and constructed catalog of cool gifts (I’ll stop now), you’ll find plenty of inspiration to help you find the perfect gift for the occasion. 

From classic gifts like candles and chocolates, to tech gadgets and home decor items, this list of gifts has something for everyone and every budget. 

So whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member, or a colleague, you’re bound to find that perfect present they’re sure to cherish.

(Or at the very least, won’t immediately re-gift).

The 60 Best Gifts that Start with the Letter C

Rounding Up Some Creative & Cool Christmas Gifts that Start with C

Contigo Coffee Mug

Contigo travel coffee mug

There’s regular travel coffee mugs, and then there’s this one. 

The Contigo Coffee traveler is sleek, stylish, comes in a ton of cool colors, and it keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. 

And with a textured grip and one-handed lid, you can guarantee your friend a spill-free caffeine fix, even on the bumpiest commute.

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Coffee Maker

Coffee maker

For the coffee lover who needs more than one cup in the morning, the Black+Decker programmable stainless steel coffee maker makes a great gift. 

With a durable glass carafe and a nonstick hot plate, their coffee will stay warm and ready all morning long. 

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Colorful Standard Sweater

colorful sweater

Made from 100% organic cotton, this ultra-soft sweater is responsibly made and pre-washed, so it won’t shrink or fade. 

And like the brand name suggests, it comes in a ton of gorgeous colors. 

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Camera for Dashboard

Dash camera

Whether your giftee is accident prone or just loves techy gadgets, a dash cam is the perfect gift. 

Vantrue N1 Pro Mini Dash Cam has full HD recording and automatic accident detection, which can capture accidents and bad driving, protect against unfair tickets, and even lower insurance premiums. 

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Clarks Desert Boots

Clarks Desert Boots

They don’t have to be a fashionista to appreciate a classic pair of boots. 

The original of its style, the Clarks Desert Boot compliments almost every outfit and never goes out of fashion. 

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Cordless Car Vacuum

Cordless Car Vacuum

Cleaning a car’s interior may be a chore, but it doesn’t have to feel like one. 

The IMINSO Handheld Cordless car vacuum cleaner has 9000PA suction power to clean up everything from crumbs to pebbles. 

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Cornhole Yard Game


This cornhole set is perfect for anyone who loves outdoor games. 

With its sturdy wooden construction, regulation-size boards, and foldable legs, it’s an awesome gift they can take anywhere. 

And yes, the cornhole bags are included!

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Cole Haan Shoes

Cole Haan shoes

While it’s one of the pricier suggestions on our gift list, these wingtip Oxford shoes from Cole Haan are a quality gift any man will be grateful to receive. 

Casual elegance meets responsive cushioning, for a stylish look that’s also incredibly comfortable. 

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Godiva chocolates

If your gift receiver has a sweet tooth, then you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. 

(Forrest Gump would agree.) 

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Cutting Boards

Cutting boards

High-quality bamboo cutting boards make good gift ideas for any home chef. 

Bamboo boards are easier to clean than plastic, keeping you safe from harmful bacteria, plus they’re earth friendly and built to last! 

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Cupcake Maker

Cupcake maker

This adorable cupcake maker bakes up more than just cupcakes. 

It can also be used for muffins, cinnamon rolls, and even savory treats, making it a great gift for any snack lover. 

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Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Whether your gift recipient is an actual kid or a kid at heart, cotton candy makes a fun C-themed gift! 

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Crocs Classic Clog

Croc clogs

Comfortable and versatile, everyone can use a pair of Crocs in their life. 

And with literally dozens of colors and patterns to choose from, you can find the perfect pair to suit your recipient’s style. 

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Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelet

A charm bracelet from Pandora makes the best gift for any jewelry lover. 

Perfect for stacking beautiful handmade charms, you can continue to add this custom bracelet on every milestone or occasion. 

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Cocktail Kit

Cocktail set

Bring out their inner bar chef with a home cocktail making set. 

They’ll have a blast experimenting with different recipes when entertaining friends and family. 

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Cork Display Holder 

Cork holder

A great idea for wine lovers, a cork holder isn’t just practical, but it can also be an art piece. 

This rustic-chic metal vessel is a great addition to any dining table or home bar. 

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Cordless Drill

Cordless drill

If you’re looking for a practical letter C gift, look no further than a cordless drill. 

With up to 10 hours of battery life, an LED work light, and an easy-grip handle, it’s perfect for small jobs and DIY projects. 

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Chess Board & Chess Pieces

Chess board and pieces

They don’t have to be a chess master to enjoy this gift. 

This portable wooden chess set easily folds up to take to the cottage, coffee shop, or park so they can challenge their friends everywhere they go. 

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Cheese Knives & Charcuterie Accessories

Cheese knives

A great gift idea for anyone who likes to entertain, this set of cheese knives and charcuterie board accessories is sure to be put to good use. 

With utensils for cutting, scooping, and spreading, plus mini cheese labels, it makes a perfect hostess gift or Christmas gift, too!  

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Turkish delight

If they’re the kind of person who loves sweets, a fancy box of candy is the perfect choice. 

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Cake Pop Maker 

Cake pop maker

This adorable mini cake maker bakes 12 cake pops or doughnuts quickly and easily. 

It’s a fun gift for both adults and kids. 

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(Adult) Coloring Book

Adult coloring book

Adult colouring books have become a growing trend over the last few years thanks to their stress relief and relaxation benefits. 

With 50 stunning pictures, this animal coloring book is an ideal gift for anyone with an artistic side. 

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Help make their mealtime a little easier (especially throughout the holiday season) with an easy-to-follow cookbook full of delicious recipes. 

With over 100 meal ideas, it’s a practical gift they’re sure to appreciate. 

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Chocolate Bar Molds

Chocolate bar molds

A unique gift idea for any chocolate lover, these fun molds let them make their own chocolate bars whenever the craving strikes for a delicious treat. 

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Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

If your gift recipient has a sense of humor (especially a sick one), then this hugely popular party game is the perfect gift. 

With over 500 cards and endless answer possibilities, it’s great for hours of hilarious entertainment. 

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When it comes to easy Secret Santa gifts, candles are a no-brainer. 

But don’t let their reputation for being basic dissuade you: 

A beautiful candle that’s lightly scented with essential oils always makes a classic gift that they can actually use. 

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Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinder

Help them start their early mornings with the freshest cup of coffee! 

This high-quality grinder from Bodum quickly grinds whole coffee beans to the ideal consistency, whether they use a drip machine or French press. 

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Crock Pot 

Crock pot

A useful gift for those on the go, a Crock Pot is a great way to make healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen. 

This spacious 7-quart slow cooker is great for making stews, soups, sauces, taco meat, and even roasts! 

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“C” Pendant 

C pendant necklace

What better gift for a C-themed party than a C-pendant necklace! 

Perfect for gift recipients young and old, this 14k gold-filled charm and chain is the perfect way to show you care. 

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Cast Iron Skillet 

Cast iron pan

A gift with a practical purpose, a cast iron skillet is a useful kitchen tool literally everyone can use! 

Handy for searing, sautéing, roasting, and even broiling, a good iron skillet is something they’ll continue to use for years to come. 

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Cooler Backpack

Cooler backpack

This functional Maelstrom cooler backpack is the ultimate gift for anyone who enjoys spending time camping, hiking, playing sports, or going to the beach. 

It’s insulated to keep drinks and snacks cool for up to 16 hours and can hold 35 cans in the main compartment. 

That’s a lot of cold ones!

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Compression Clothing

Compression clothing

If you’re gift shopping for an athlete, you can’t go wrong with good-quality compression gear. 

This shirt from Under Armour fits like a second skin, wicks moisture away, and keeps everything held in for a comfortable and supported athletic performance. 

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Cosmetics Travel Bag

Cosmetics bag

A cosmetics organizer is a great gift, especially for an avid frequent traveler. 

It has tons of handy compartments, easily folds up to be stored away, and it’s TSA-approved so they can pack it in their carry-on bag. 

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Carry-On Bag

Carry-on bag

Speak of the devil! 

This handy 2-in-1 duffle converts into a garment bag, making it perfect for business trips, weekend getaways, or hitting the gym. 

Plus, it has a separate compartment for storing an extra pair of shoes. 

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Chalkboard Wallpaper

Chalkboard wall sticker

A great gift for artsy types and kids alike, this special wallpaper instantly turns any surface into an erasable chalkboard. 

A good idea for making shopping lists and reminders or just creating art, it’s a unique gift they’re sure to use again and again. 

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Circle of Life Lamp

Circle of Life lamp

Anyone with a penchant for home decor and unique designs will love this multifunctional lamp from Sohnne. 

Not only is it a beautiful statement piece, it also has a built-in cordless charging station and an automatic sleep mode option. 

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Cajun Hot Sauce 

Cajun hot sauce

We all know a guy who can’t get enough hot sauce. 

Add to his collection with this fiery cajun sauce that delivers tons of flavor with a big kick. 

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Clue Board Game

Clue boardgame

This classic mystery game makes a great gift for adults and kids alike. 

With hundreds of possible solutions, the game plays differently each time. 

It’s an easy way to have fun with friends and family on rainy days and during cold winter months. 

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Cranium Game

Cranium boardgame

Another fun game for kids of all ages, Cranium makes a great gift for any special occasion. 

Featuring wacky activities like sculpting, singing, acting, and sketching, it has something for everyone. 

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If you’re looking for C-themed gifts that won’t break the bank, a nice coaster set is a great choice. 

With a beautiful marble design and cork bottoms to keep them from slipping, it’s a thoughtful gift everyone can use. 

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Cider Making Kit 

Cider kit

For the person who loves cider (especially the boozy kind), this DIY hard cider kit is a fun and unique gift. 

It comes with all the ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions for making three batches of their own cider, right at home. 

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Colander set

A colander may not be the most personal gift, but that doesn’t mean your giftee won’t appreciate receiving this handy kitchen tool. 

Featuring three different sizes, this cute set of silicone colanders is perfect for small kitchens or camping trips. 

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Custard Dishes

(Or “Crème Brulée” dishes, if you want to be fancy.)
Custard dishes

Sure, you could give them boring white custard dishes. 

Or, you could give them this unique and rustic clay set, perfect for serving custards and puddings, soufflées, ice cream, and even dips. 

And yes, they’re oven safe! 

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Crochet Kit

Crochet kit

If you’re in the market for creative gifts, this adorable DIY crochet kit is perfect for all kids ages 12 and up. 

It comes with easy-to-follow tutorials plus all the materials to crochet a cute stuffy, which is sure to become a treasured favorite. 

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Camping Utensil Set

Camping utensil set

Cooking at the campsite is always less stressful when you have the right tools. 

This handy 27-piece utensil set has everything they’ll need for making a delicious meal at the campground, trailer, or cottage. 

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Chopsticks Set


The perfect gift for a sushi lover, this set of reusable chopsticks is stylish, practical, and kind to the environment. 

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Christopher Cloos Sunglasses

Christopher Cloos sunglasses

 A beautiful pair of sunglasses always makes for a timeless gift, especially if your recipient is a fashionista. 

Danish eyewear brand Christopher Cloos specializes in luxury sunglasses in classic styles that will be in fashion for years to come. 

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(Cool) Clock


If you know your recipient’s decor style, a cool clock can be a thoughtful and unexpected gift. 

With so many different styles and designs to choose from, you can find one to perfectly compliment their home or office, so they’ll always be on time. 

(Makes a great wedding gift, too!) 

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Camera Drone

Camera drone

Any person who’s into gadgets will have a blast with this mini-drone. 

With a wide-angle, 4K camera lens and hovering system, it’s the best way to capture beautiful images and video from above. 

It also has one-touch take off and landing, which is a great thing for beginners. 

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Computer Case

Computer case

A person who’s always on the go will appreciate this stylish computer case for toting their laptop. 

Sustainably made and handmade from premium leather, it’s an elegant gift that will never go out of style. 

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Whether they’re always entertaining or just enjoy a glass of vino after a long day, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality corkscrew. 

Made from solid zinc alloy, this 2-in-1 design wine also features a handy bottle opener on the top, for easily opening beer and soda bottles.

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Create supplements

Creatine supplements aren’t for everyone, but if your gift recipient is always hitting the gym, then they’re a great option. 

This widely studied and perfectly safe amino acid helps support healthy muscle growth and post-workout recovery. 

(They won’t look like Captain America or anything, but they may feel like it.) 

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Calligraphy Starter Kit

Calligraphy starter kit

For the artsy type, this beginner modern calligraphy kit includes everything for learning how to create beautiful calligraphy. 

It’s an impressive skill they can use for hand-written notes, gift tags, elegant signage, and more.

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Cork Wine Bottle String Light

Cork wine bottle string lights

This unique set of lights turns old wine bottles into beautiful lanterns, creating the perfect atmosphere at a backyard gathering or Christmas party. 

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Crossover Shoes

Crossover shoes

A pair of crossover sneakers is an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates both style and function. 

This pair from Wolf & Shepherd has all the classic style of a derby but with the comfort of a sneaker, so your giftee can go from the grocery store to the office without missing a beat. 

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Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots

If your recipient is more of a boot guy, he’ll love these super comfortable and stylish Chelsea boots. 

Made from premium leather and sheepskin, they feature a dual-function athletic outsole and heat-activated foam in-sole for superior arch support and comfort. 

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Combat Boots

Combat boots

For the person who needs a more rugged shoe, a good pair of leather combat boots is an absolute must. 

Perfect as a light work boot or styled with jeans, this sturdy pair of boots is sure to become their favorite pair. 

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Citrus Soap

Dr. Squatch Cedar Citrus soap

From the soap experts at Dr. Squatch, this all-natural soap is infused with lemon and orange oils for a fresh and energizing scent. 

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Chia Pet

Chia pet

Not just for kids, Chia Pets make great funny gifts that’s fun for everyone. 

These days there’s a variety of themes to choose from, like Star Wars, animals, emojis, and even celebrities, so you’re sure to find the perfect gag gift for the person on your list.

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Concert Tickets Gift Card


The right holiday gift that starts with C might not be an object, but an experience.

A Ticketmaster gift card lets them see their favorite band live (or sports team, if they’re not into live music).

It will be a gift they’ll never forget!

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