12 Stores Like H&M for Stylish & Affordable Fashion

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Pretty much anyone who’s ever stepped foot in a mall understands why you might be on the hunt for some other stores like H&M.

While their clothes are undeniably stylish and of-the-moment, the trade off is that the quality of their pieces is sometimes a little lacking.

(And sometimes a lot lacking, depending on the piece in question; I find their casual wear is comparable to other brands, but their more formal stuff leaves a lot to be desired.)

Fortunately, you don’t need to look very far to find a host of brands that straddle the line between good pieces and good prices.

In this post I’ll offer up a dozen stores like H&M that sell similar styles at comparable prices, many of which also happen to have higher quality.

Stylish & Affordable Clothing Stores Like H&M

Breaking Down the Best Stores Like H&M for Guys


Uniqlo logo

In a lot of ways, Uniqlo is like Japan’s answer to H&M: their clothes are stylish and (almost) as affordable as H&M’s, though I’ve found the quality of Uniqlo’s stuff to be higher.

But if you’re more interested new fads and trendy pieces, H&M probably has the edge over Uniqlo, which tends to have a core roster of timelessly style pieces and a smaller selection of season-specific trends.

Check Out Uniqlo ➤


TopMan logo

If Uniqlo is Japan’s answer to “What stores are similar to H&M?” then Topman is the UK’s answer.

Topman is a close H&M competitor because like H&M, they carry a wide variety of clothing that covers everything from suiting down to bathing suits, all in modern styles and trendy cuts.

Plus, Topman is also pretty affordable. Their prices vary depending on the piece (as do H&M’s), but generally speaking they’re in the same low-cost ballpark.

Check Out TopMan ➤

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack logo

Nordstrom Rack is kind of like the kid brother to flagship brand Nordstrom: they carry pieces by a lot of the same designers and fashion brands, but at much lower prices.

Nordstrom Rack is a good alternative to H&M if you’re looking for fashion-forward pieces that won’t break the bank, but want something of a little higher quality than H&M.

The caveat here is that Nordstrom Rack refreshes their inventory all the time, so if you something you like on their website or in their store, you should nab it quickly, because you probably won’t see it again.

Check Out Nordstrom Rack ➤


Like Topman, boohooMAN is another UK-based brand that offers super on-point trends and styles that are about as up-to-the-minute fresh as you could hope for.

Like H&M they offer a wide range of menswear, though they tend to specialize in modern streetwear (think tracksuits and casual staples) more than anything else.

Check Out boohooMAN ➤

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters logo

Urban Outfitters is a go-to not just for stylish and affordable menswear, but furniture, housewares and all sorts of other cool material.

Unlike H&M, which offers its own house brand, Urban Outfitters carries fashions from a wide range of brands, so it can be a great place to discover pieces from brands you might not have otherwise heard of or encountered.

Check Out Urban Outfitters ➤

Old Navy

Old Navy logo

Old Navy is admittedly more similar to H&M in price point then in style, but it bears mentioning on any list of stores like H&M because it’s a go-to for anyone looking for affordable fashion.

Where H&M offers a wide variety that ranges from formalwear on down, Old Navy’s speciality is its large selection of casual and well priced staples.

Check Out Old Navy ➤



Similar to Old Navy in its focus on casual styles, Madewell is another store like H&M for fashion-conscious shoppers on a budget.

Owned by J.Crew, which offers a wider range of options at higher prices, Madewell’s primary focus is on denim and all the casual staple pieces that go with it, including everything from boots and accessories to sweaters and tees.

Check Out Madewell ➤

Frank and Oak

Frank And Oak logo

Canadian brand Frank And Oak isn’t quite as affordable as H&M, but their fresh take on stylish staples like shirts, pants, sweaters and outerwear warrants a place on this list.

While the price point may be a bit higher, the quality is too, so it depends on what you’re looking for: if you want something super on-point and don’t care if it lasts until next season, go with H&M.

But if you want something stylish and well made that could last for years, give Frank And Oak a good look.

Check Out Frank And Oak ➤


Shein logo

With a pretty wide range of casual staples, including denim, streetwear and loungewear, Shein is another example of a good H&M alternative that has some great styles, but not quite as wide a range of pieces.

The base prices are fairly comparable though, and on top of that Shein tends to run sales pretty often, so it’s a great place to score some pretty low prices on stylish clothes.

Check Out Shein ➤


ASOS logo

Like Topman and boohooMan, Asos is yet another brand out of the UK that offers trendy and affordable clothes.

Asos tends to carry variations of staple pieces in styles that you won’t find anywhere else (think bold patterns and unique colors), which helps it stand out from other stores like H&M, including its two fellow Brits on this list.

They also carry pieces from other brands, so their full range of offerings is a little wider than some of the other stores here.

Check Out ASOS ➤

Forever 21

Forever 21 logo

Forever 21 bears mentioning on this list because, like H&M, it skews toward a younger demographic (as the name obviously implies).

But, also like H&M, you can find some really affordable pieces at Forever 21 that are appropriate for people of all ages, particularly if you focus on casual staples like tees, sweaters and jeans.

Check Out Forever 21 ➤


Zara logo

Zara is one of H&M’s closest competitors; like H&M, they carry everything from suiting down to socks, all in super modern and trendy styles, and all at incredibly low prices.

Zara specializes in offering pieces that you might generously call “homages” to the hottest runway trends, and their styles don’t tend to last on the shelves for very long.

The quality is comparable to H&M, which makes sense: when the prices are this low and the styles are this sharp, it usually means that something’s gotta give.

Check Out Zara ➤

You Know The Most Stylish Stores Like H&M

Now Learn How to Become Your Most Stylish Self

Having a list of stores like H&M in your back pocket will help you find some stylish and affordable menswear that doesn’t break the bank, but holds up a little longer than a lot of H&M’s pieces.

Of course, knowing where to shop for stylish clothes is one thing; knowing how to wear them is another.

Buying super on-point styles like the kind they sell at H&M and its competitors won’t help much if you don’t understand the finer points of men’s style that help distinguish the polished and put together guys from the posers.

The handsome devil is in the details, which means that the key to making a big difference on your overall appearance is learning how to do the little things right.

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