The 50 Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

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So, you know a great guy who’s about to turn 50 and you haven’t got a clue what to get him. 

To make matters worse, he’s the type of guy who says things like, “I don’t want gifts,” or “I don’t need anything” or “Your company is all the gift I need!”

Well, pardon my French, but I call bullsh*t. 

Turning 50 isn’t just another birthday; it’s a major milestone! 

And any guy who’s lived a half century secretly wants the perfect gift to commemorate it. 

Which brings us back to the original problem: WTF do you get him? 

Don’t panic. You may not have all the answers, but luckily, we do.

(Seriously, that’s our actual job. We’re practically superheroes.)

So keep reading, because we’ve put together an epic collection of 50th birthday gifts for every type of man, from the outdoorsy type to the tech nerd and everything in between. 

Plus, this wide range of gift ideas includes the best gifts we could find at every price point, so you don’t have to go broke shopping for your bloke. 

Whether he’s nostalgic for the good ol’ days, covets the latest gadgets, or wants something a little bit sentimental, the perfect 50th birthday gift is here on this list.

The (Absolute) Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Rounding Up the Best Cool, Funny, & Unique Gifts for Guys Turning 50

Great 50th Birthday Gifts for Every Budget

50 Things to Do When You Turn 50

50 Things to Do When You Turn 50

Turning 50 can be a little daunting, so help ease his anxiety with a guide to making the most of these next few years. 

From readjusting your stock portfolio to reorganizing your underwear drawer, this book will help make the next decade his best yet. 

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Retro Candy Gift Box

Retro Candy gift box

For the guy with a sweet tooth, surprise him with a gift set of his favorite candy from the 70s. 

One bite of that retro liquorice and he’ll instantly feel like a kid again. 

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Birthday Year Whiskey Glass 

Whiskey glass

Say cheers to 50 years with this commemorative glass for sipping his favorite libation. 

Made from quality crystal and presented in an elegant wooden box, this whiskey glass is the perfect way to commemorate his special day. 

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Barbecue Tool Set 

BBQ Tools

We all have that family member who’s famous for his grilling skills. 

The ideal gift for a master of the flames, this high-quality BBQ grill set is something he’ll use and enjoy all summer long. 

Complete with all the best things for a killer cookout, he’ll be king of backyard gatherings. 

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Fishing Rod Travel Case

Fishing rod case

Fishing gear is always a wonderful gift for an avid angler because you know it’s something he’s going to make good use of. 

This water-resistant canvas travel case can hold up to five rods and reels securely, making it a handy accessory for a variety of fishing trips. 

Plus, it has a large exterior pocket for additional storage of tackle and bait, keeping all of his gear organized and protected.   

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High-Quality Chef’s Knife

Chef's Knife

A high-quality chef’s knife is a must-have for any kitchen connoisseur. 

It’s a practical gift he’ll use in his culinary endeavors for a long time to come.

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Chip Shot Practice Net

Chip Shot Net

If golf is one of his new hobbies, help him improve his short game at home with a chipping and pitching practice net. 

A great gift idea for golf enthusiasts who want to work on their accuracy, this collapsible net can be used for indoor and outdoor practice, and comes with a carrying bag for easy transport and storage. 

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Cocktail Smoker

Cocktail smoker

If your gift recipient is a cocktail aficionado, this cocktail smoker will take his mixology skills to the next level. 

The kit includes a smoking gun, wood chips, and a dome lid to infuse whiskey, bourbon, and cocktails with a rich, smoky flavor that’s sure to impress his guests. 

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Dart Board

Dart Board

Kick off the best birthday party ever with a professional-style dart board. 

It’s guaranteed to get plenty of use in his garage or man cave. 

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Smart Home Device

Echo Smart Home Hub

If he loves new gadgets, this Smart home assistant makes a great gift that he can use daily. 

From setting reminders to controlling home devices, this gift can simplify his life and make everyday tasks easier. 

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Drone with Camera

Drone with Camera

Give him the gift of aerial photography with a high-quality drone equipped with a camera. 

He’ll have a blast capturing stunning images from a bird’s-eye view.

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Safety Razor Grooming Set 

Grooming Set

A luxury safety razor set is a must-have for any man who takes his grooming seriously. 

The kit includes a high-quality safety razor, a shaving brush made of pure badger hair, and a sleek stainless steel stand to hold them both. 

The double-edge design of the razor ensures a smooth and close shave without irritating the skin, making it an easy way to elevate his shaving experience.

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Range Finder

Range Finder

A cool gift for weekend golf amateurs and experts alike, a rangefinder can help shave a few strokes off his game. 

With high-precision distance measurements, slope function, continuous scan, and flag pole locking vibration function, this useful tool is perfect for golfers of all levels who want to improve their game.

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Car Wash & Detailing Kit

Car Washing Kit

For some reason, men of a certain age love spending an afternoon washing and detailing their car, which is why a set of premium cleaning products can make the best birthday gifts for guys turning 50. 

Complete with a foam gun, bucket, and five 16 oz car care cleaning chemicals that work with a garden hose, this kit is designed to make car washing easier and more effective, with products that are safe for all types of vehicles.

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Treehut Wooden Watch

Treehut wooden watch

For fashion-forward individuals, a Treehut Wooden Watch makes a cool and unique gift he’ll want to wear everyday. 

Made with real wood and sustainably sourced materials, the sleek, minimalist design makes it perfect for any occasion.

It’s the perfect blend of style and function that’s sure to garner a ton of compliments. 

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Vinyl Player

Vinyl record player

For the music fan who appreciates the classics, this record player makes a great gift. 

It comes in a variety of different colors and has bluetooth capability so he can stream music from his phone, too. 

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Leather Dopp Kit

Dopp kit

Regardless of his style or personality, you can never go wrong with an elegant, high-quality leather Dopp kit.

Hand-crafted from full-grain Pebbled leather with spacious compartments for all of his toiletries, it’s the ideal 50th birthday gift for any man. 

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Leather Slippers

Beckett Simonon Slippers

For the guy who loves a lazy Sunday morning, a luxurious pair of leather slippers is the gift that keeps on giving. 

These handcrafted slippers are made with premium leather and feature a cotton twill lining that provides maximum comfort. 

Plus, he water-repellent suede sole is slip-resistant to ensure excellent traction. 

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Luxury Robe


Made specifically with men in mind, this hooded towel-lined bathrobe is a great way to pamper your special guy.

The ultra-soft and absorbent materials are perfect for drying off after a shower or lounging around the house, while the hood adds a little extra warmth and masculine style. 

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High-Quality Electric Shaver

Electric Razor

This is an easy gift idea for any man who uses an electric razor. 

The Panasonic ARC5 wet-dry razor is a great option because it uses an ultra-fast motor and five stainless steel blades to guarantee an extremely close and fast shave. 

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Home Arcade Machine

Arcade game

Bring the excitement of his teenage passtime to the present day with a retro-style arcade machine. 

He’ll love playing his favorite classic games without needing a pocketful of quarters.

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Because nothing says “happy birthday” like a poop joke: 

Funny 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

Emergency Underpants Gag Gift

Emergency Underpants

A gift that’s so immature, we’re not even going to dignify it with a description. 

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Funny Candle

Funny Candle

Scented with whiskey and cedarwood, this candle isn’t just funny, but it smells amazing too. 

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Vintage Birthday Year T-Shirt

Vintage T-Shirt

This vintage-style 50th birthday shirt is so cool, he won’t even mind advertising his age. 

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You’re 50 Toilet Paper

50 Toilet Paper

If you’re looking for the kind of gift that only a special 50-year-old guy will find funny (meaning the one who still loves toilet humor), then you just hit the jackpot. 

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49+1 Beer Glass

49+1 Beer glass

No need to do the math on this one: 

This cheeky beer glass is the perfect gift for an ornery 50 year old. 

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F-Word Mug

Fifty mug

Perfect for the guy who loves coffee, but not birthdays. 

Because what F-word could be more offensive than “fifty”? 

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50 AF Party Beer Koozies

50 AF Beer Koozies

Get the birthday celebration started with matching can holders for party guests so everyone can raise a toast to the birthday boy in style. 

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“How Old Are You Really?” Party Game

How Old Are You Really?

Don’t let the cheeky name fool you: 

With over 300 questions designed to test your knowledge and challenge your assumptions about age, this trivia game could get pretty competitive. 

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50 Crew Socks

50 Crew Socks

For the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and his age on his…socks? 

These socks are a funny way to mark his milestone year while keeping his tootsies toasty. 

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Novelty Golf Balls

Novelty Golf Balls

Hey, you can’t help his game, but you can improve his balls. 

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Birthday Card

Birthday Card

If your giftee has a sense of humor, then a clever 50th birthday card is a guaranteed way to put a smile on his face. 

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Personalized & Unique 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

Creative, Custom-Made, and Unusual Gifts He’ll Never Expect

Personalized Newspaper from Birth Year

Birthday newspaper

For gift givers looking for a special 50th birthday gift that’s sure to make a lasting impression, this unique gift is the answer to your prayers. 

This one-of-a-kind newspaper commemorates his date of birth with noteworthy events, headlines, and facts from that year. 

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Personalized Cigar Case 

Monogrammed cigar case

For the cigar aficionado, a personalized leather cigar holder is a gift that adds elegance to his smoking experience. 

Handmade from full-grain leather, this handy case holds two cigars, a cigar cutter, and even a few credit cards. 

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Personalized Flask

Personalized leather flask

If he enjoys a sip of his favorite spirit on a special occasion (or maybe more frequently), a monogrammed leather flask is a sophisticated gift for a special man. 

It’s the perfect accessory for celebrations and moments of relaxation.

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Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey Glasses

Speaking of libations… 

This customized glassware set is another personalized gift any whiskey lover will appreciate. 

A great addition to his home bar or man cave, these unique whiskey glasses are sure to become a cherished keepsake. 

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Personalized Cutting Board

Engraved cutting board

Commemorate his milestone birthday with a handsome wooden cutting board engraved with his name or initials. 

Handmade from quality wood like maple and walnut, it’s an elegant way to serve cheese and appetizers or prepare a meal. 

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Bespoke Shirt Service

Bespoke Dress Shirt

Help him look his best with a custom-made shirt tailored to his specific measurements and preferences. 

He’ll appreciate the perfect fit and personalized touch.

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Customized Garage Sign

Custom garage sign

For the car lover and mechanic, a customized sign for his garage or workshop is a unique way to celebrate his skills and encourage his passion. 

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Bucket List Adventure


Help him celebrate his landmark birthday by crossing something off his bucket list. 

Whether it’s a hot air balloon ride or a trip to a dream destination, unique experiences always make the best gift ideas. 

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Stadium Art

Stadium art

If you’re looking for a unique 50th birthday gift idea for a sports fan, look no further than a poster depicting his favorite team’s stadium. 

Put it in a stylish frame (it doesn’t come with one) to create a special gift that’s sure to be a homerun. 

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Esquire Subscription Box

Esquire Subscription Box

For a gift that keeps on giving (literally), this subscription box from his favorite men’s publication is a winner. 

Each month he’ll receive a new box of useful and stylish products hand selected by the style experts at Esquire Magazine.  

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Gourmet Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription

Coffee subscription services always make awesome gifts for coffee connoisseurs. 

Each month, he’ll receive different gourmet beans tailored to his specific coffee routine and preferences.

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Wine Club Membership

Wine Club Membership

He’s aging like a fine wine, so why not drink some? 

A wine club membership is a sophisticated gift that will introduce him to new and exciting wines throughout the year.

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Vintage Car Rental

Vintage car rental

And now for one of our favorite 50th birthday gift ideas, especially for a car lover.

Surprise him with a vintage car rental for a weekend joyride. 

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National Parks Pass

Parks Pass

An annual National Parks Pass is a fun gift for a hiker, adventurer, or nature-loving man. 

He’ll be able to explore and appreciate America’s most beautiful landscapes.

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Personalized Photo Gift

Photo gift

Tired of typical framed photos? Why not turn his favorite picture into a unique birthday gift! 

With tons of cool gift options, like tumblers, pillows, tote bags, blankets, and T-Shirts, it’s a creative way to show him you care. 

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Concert Tickets


Let him take a trip down memory lane when his favorite band from the 80s comes to town. 

It will be a night he’ll never forget. 

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Engraved Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

Pocket watches aren’t for everybody, but for the man with a more traditional fashion sense, it’s a lovely gift.

This one from Speidel has a modern design that adds a hint of old-school style to any outfit

Plus, it’s engravable so you can add a special message or his initials. 

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