The 21 Best Stores Like PacSun for Stylish, Affordable Clothing

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It really isn’t hard to understand why shoppers looking for fresh styles and affordable prices might want to find some other stores like PacSun.

Sure, PacSun (short for Pacific Sunwear of California) carries a pretty wide range of costal-inspired apparel from hip and relevant brands, in addition to selling their own in-house line of clothes.

But while they do offer a lot of different pieces, they all fall into the same small handful of (very casual) clothing categories.

Plus, their overall style skews quite young, so it doesn’t take long before you out-grow their aesthetic.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are a ton of modern and stylish clothing brands out there, so you don’t have to look too far to find some great alternatives to PacSun.

Below you’ll find a list of stores like PacSun where you can find good-looking, well made and well priced clothes.

Our Five Faves ↓

You can read more about each PacSun alternative below, but here’s a quick sneak peek at our top picks:

  1. Tillys
  2. Forever 21
  3. ASOS
  4. Urban Outfitters
  5. Aeropostale

The Top Stores Like PacSun

Breaking Down the Best Alternatives to PacSun for Stylish and Casual Apparel


Tillys apparel

Tillys is an unapologetically youth-centric brand that focuses on clothes and accessories for young people (and those who are young at heart, of course).

One of the top Pacsun alternatives on the market, their aesthetic is rooted in the lifestyle of California skate and surf culture, and they carry a number of your favorite brands — including Dr. Martens, Billabong, Vans and more.

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Forever 21

Forever 21 apparel

Arguably one of PacSun’s closest competitors, Forever 21 has a similar focus on a young demographic and clothes that are stylish, hip and of-the-moment.

While PacSun carries both their own in-house clothes and a wide range of other cool and popular clothing brands, Forever21 exclusively sells clothes from their in-house label, meaning you won’t find their stuff anywhere else.

And since their target market is mostly young people, they offer some great deals and student discounts, so you can load upon wardrobe staples at an even lower price.

Check Out Forever 21 ➤


ASOS apparel

Unlike Forever 21, ASOS adopts an approach that’s more similar to stores like PacSun, selling a mix of their own clothes and those from other top brands.

Founded in the UK, ASOS has a more European and fashion-forward aesthetic than a lot of North American brands, making them a great place to turn if you’re looking for something different and unique.

Check Out ASOS ➤

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters apparel

Urban Outfitters has long been a go-to store for anyone in the market for modern, hip styles, and not just when it comes to clothes.

In addition to apparel and stylish accessories, they also have a lot of cool lifestyle pieces, including home decor, electronics, workout equipment and more.

Check Out Urban Outfitters ➤



Another hip lifestyle brand, Aeropostale is one of those stores like PacSun, American Eagle and Forever 21 that you can find in most malls across America.

It’s a close competitor of those stores thanks to their wide selection of casual wear and styles, all of which are aimed at a similar demographic of teens and young adults.

Check Out Aeropostale ➤

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle is a mall fixture that offers varsity-inspired and classic American apparel casual staple pieces at affordable prices.

Though not quite as fashion-forward as websites like PacSun and Asos, it’s a good place to pick up cheap tees and jeans that fit well and look good.

Check Out American Eagle ➤

Free People

Free People

Free People is a bohemian-inspired women’s clothing store that carries everything from dresses and skirts to intimates, activewear, shoes, and a range of wellness and beauty products.

Though not the cheapest retailer on our list of stores, their website offers free shipping if you spend more than 100 bucks, and you can score further deals when you sign up for their email list.

Check Out Free People ➤



Like many of the other stores on this list, Zaful carries a wide range of styles that appeal to a young and hip demographic.

In addition to the latest trends, stylish pieces and a good selection of accessories, they also give a nod to nerd culture by carrying Marvel-branded clothes.

Check Out Zaful ➤


Vans apparel

A staple of the skateboarding, punk music and indie scenes, Vans has expanded well beyond skater shoes and now offers a pretty decent selection of clothes and accessories for both young men and women.

But skating is still very much the brand’s bread and butter, so all of their clothes are imbued with the effortless cool of skate or surf culture.

Check Out Vans ➤



American clothing brand Madewell is a close PacSun competitor because both brands focus on the more casual end of the clothing spectrum, though Madewell’s stuff tends to be… well, better made.

Madewell is owned by J.Crew, so while they may specialize in denim and other casual clothes, they have their parent brand’s attention to detail and reputation for quality.

Check Out Madewell ➤


Zumiez apparel

And speaking of brands with deep roots in skate culture, Zumiez carries a variety of clothes, footwear and accessories that embrace skating and its alternative ethos.

In addition to various brands popular in skate culture like Vans, Huf and Broken Promises, they also carry cool gear from mainstream athletic brands like Nike, Champion and Adidas.

Check Out Zumiez ➤



Sticking with skate culture brands, Billabong has been bringing skate, surf and snowboarding culture to malls across North America for years now.

While they focus on activewear designed for those three action sports specifically, their clothes aren’t limited to outdoor activities.

They also carry a range of casual clothes (think tees, hoodies, etc.) that embody the same carefree spirit, but can be worn anywhere.

Check Out Pacsun ➤


Superdry apparel

A rare blend of Japanese, American and British sensibilities, Superdry has carved a reputation for itself as one of the coolest and top brands of the moment.

Though it’s not the most affordable brand like PacSun, it’s definitely one of the highest quality, which justifies the slightly higher price tag than many of the other stores on this list.

Check Out Superdry ➤

Jack Wills

Jack Wills

UK-based Jack Wills carries a wide selection of affordably priced casual styles for both men and women, and also have a pretty robust kids line.

While they stick to casual categories, their offerings are a little smarter and more mature than stores like PacSun and Zumiez, making them another good option for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe.

Check Out Jack Wills ➤


Shein jeans

If you’ve ever seen a Shein haul on social media, then you’re already familiar with this online clothing store from China.

Well known for their stylish and alternative trendy clothes, Shein is probably thought of more as a women’s store, though they do carry quite a bit of men’s clothing as well.

A lot of Shein’s designs are imitations of runway trends, so it’s a good option for anyone looking for reasonable prices on items that look like they should cost a lot more.

Just one word of caution: The quality tends to be hit or miss.

Check Out Shein ➤


Romwe apparel

Owned by the same parent company as Shein, Romwe is another trendy online retailer whose style is a little more fashion-forward than many American sites like Pacsun.

Their inventory is very similar to Shein’s but often at even cheaper prices, so while it’s a good place to stock up on the latest fashions, don’t expect much from the quality.

Check Out Romwe ➤

Hot Topic

Hot Topic

Easily one of the most popular brands for nerd culture and all things alternative, Hot Topic offers a wide range of clothes and styles, along with accessories, toys, band merch and more.

Though probably best known for their graphic t-shirts (which cover everything from rock bands to comic characters), they actually carry a pretty wide variety of trendy pieces and fashion apparel, and even have a home decor section.

Check Out Hot Topic ➤

Old Navy

Old Navy apparel

Of all the brick and mortar stores you’ll find in malls in the United States, Old Navy is one of the most reliable, and offers a lower price point than most.

While their clothes aren’t necessarily the most cutting edge, it’s a great place to pick up core staple pieces like tees, sweats and casual pants, especially during summer.

They also have a good selection of pop culture and music graphic tees, and their website is huge, so it’s also great Pacsun alternative if you prefer online shopping.

Check Out Old Navy ➤



Hollister is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, and offers even more affordable versions of the same styles.

Like Old Navy and American Eagle, it’s not quite as hip or fashion-forward as stores like Shein, PacSun and Zumiez, but it’s another reliable option with brick and mortar stores all over the country.

Check Out Hollister ➤


H&M apparel

Of all the affordable mall brands, H&M just might be the hippest and most stylish, making it a great alternative to PacSun’s online store.

Offering a huge selection of styles across various categories, including active wears, casual clothing, formal wear, and even home decor, it’s a one-stop-shop for affordable clothing and more.

While the quality can sometimes leave something to be desired, their styles are always super trendy and of-the-moment, so this is a good place to turn if you’re looking for something that will look great now, but may not last forever.

Check Out H&M ➤

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch apparel

As mentioned, Abercrombie & Fitch is the big brother brand of Hollister, and has long been a good place to turn for fashion that evokes a classic American look.

In recent years they’ve made a conscious effort to be a little more fashion-forward, so this is actually a great alternative to PacSun if you’re looking for trendy, stylish looks that won’t break the bank.

Check Out Abercrombie & Fitch ➤

Dr Jays

Dr Jays

Dr Jays offers a variety of fashion-forward urban wear from a really wide variety of brands, making it a great place to turn if you want to stay current on what different brands are fresh and in style.

They also carry a pretty wide selection of plus size and men’s big and tall clothes, so it’s a good option for anyone who often has trouble finding their size.

Check Out Dr Jays ➤

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