15 Brands Like Gymshark for Stylish & Affordable Fitness Apparel

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W hether you’re a hardcore fitness fanatic or more of a casual workout enthusiast, it’s easy to understand why you might want to find some other apparel brands like Gymshark. 

On the one hand, the UK-based gym apparel company has a wide selection of well-priced workout clothes for both men and women, which certainly looks great on fitness influencers on social media.

On the other hand, the quality can be hit or miss and the styles are a bit limiting. 

Plus, not all of us are built like a fitness influencer, and Gymshark’s overall aesthetic definitely isn’t for everyone.

Fortunately, fitness apparel is one of the fastest growing categories around, and you don’t have to look hard to find a number of high quality and affordable Gymshark competitors.

In this post I’ve rounded up 15 popular athletic clothing brands like Gymshark that will help you look great while you grind.

(Wow, that sounded a lot dirtier than I intended. Leaving it in!) 

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OK, preamble over! Let’s (finally!) get to the workout gear… 

The 15 Best Brands Like Gymshark

Rounding up the Top Fitness Clothing Brands for Affordable, Functional Workout Gear

Brand Most Like Gymshark ↓


Ryderwear gym apparel


  • Pricing: Similar to Gymshark 
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Geared to bodybuilders and gym rats
  • How They’re Different: More color options but fewer categories 

Why We Like Them:

Another brand with a big social media presence, Ryderwear is a lot like Gymshark in that it caters to a similar demographic of fitness buffs.

Their product line and aesthetic is also quite similar, featuring a wide range of women’s and men’s gym clothes designed to flatter muscular bodies. 

Plus, like Gymshark, they offer a variety of lifting accessories, like bands, belts, wraps, and water bottles, making it a one-stop-shop for all your fitness needs.

However, when it comes to color options, Ryderwear blows the competition out of the water, with tons of bright hues to keep your weight room wardrobe interesting. 

It’s worth mentioning that Ryderwear doesn’t offer men’s compression gear or base layers, but for mid-priced workout basics that look good, it’s a great option.

Check Out Ryderwear ➤

Best Low-Cost Alternative ↓


Boohoo activewear


  • Pricing: Cheaper than Gymshark 
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: A UK brand of affordable, on-trend workout gear
  • How They’re Different: Styles are a bit trendier

Why We Like Them:

Cut from the same cloth as Shein (ie: an online trove of cheap and trendy clothing) Boohoo is an online retailer that focused on affordable fashion first, but have expanded to include a vast selection of activewear as well.

Aesthetically, Boohoo’s workout gear is very similar to Gymshark’s, so think ripped sleeves, skinny joggers, weightroom-inspired graphics, and plenty of neutral colors. 

The best thing about Boohoo is they’re constantly running sales, so you can stock up on the latest gym threads for as low as $6.

The only major difference is the quality, which is slightly lacking in some Boohoo apparel, but that’s what you get for the price. 

Check Out Boohoo ➤

Best Sweat-Wicking Fabrics ↓

Under Armour

Under Armour


  • Pricing: On average, similar to Gymshark (some UA lines are more expensive)
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Performance-focused apparel for sprinting, lifting, and jumping
  • How They’re Different: The OG of technical fabrics (they basically invented sweat-wicking gear)

Why We Like Them:

A pioneer in performance apparel, Under Armour got their start specializing in base layers (as the name implies), then later revolutionized the industry when they introduced sweat-wicking materials to the sportswear market. 

Today, UA continues to push the envelope with scientifically tested and innovative fabrics, like in their 2019 Rush line, which is infused with minerals to help recycle the athlete’s energy and boost performance. 

(Unsurprisingly, Rush apparel comes with a higher price tag than their other workout gear.)

Technology aside, UA offers one thing you can’t find at Gymshark, and that’s a wide range of colorways:

If you want high performance clothing and are tired of Gymshark’s neutral color palette, this is the brand for you. 

Check Out Under Armour ➤

Best Value ↓


Fabletics workout apparel


  • Pricing: Similar to Gymshark (with the VIP Membership, otherwise, more expensive)
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: High-quality fitness apparel for an active lifestyle
  • How They’re Different: Wider range of sizes, styles, and color options, plus, they offer a subscription option that helps you save money 

Why We Like Them:

Founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics specializes in exercise apparel for both men and women, with a particular focus on stylish leggings, joggers, and tanks.

(They also recently collabed with Kevin Hart on a men’s line of athleisure.) 

Like the Gymshark brand, they offer high-quality apparel that’s durable, versatile, and comfortable, but their inclusive sizing markets them as a brand for “every body” as opposed to just bodybuilders and gym-aholics. 

But what really sets Fabletics apart is the VIP monthly membership option, which scores you huge savings on all merchandise (like a pair of leggings for $12), plus bonus benefits, including early access to new drops, exclusive sales, and cash rewards. 

Check Out Fabletics ➤

Best for Compression and Base Layers ↓




  • Pricing: More expensive than Gymshark 
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: High-quality athletic gear made for high-intensity workouts
  • How They’re Different: Emphasis on compression apparel 

Why We Like Them:

Wolaco is an activewear company whose mission is to help people live a more active life.

Marketing mostly to high-performance athletes, they’re known for their innovative compression gear, namely tights and shorts. 

While their selection is a bit limited, they do offer some regular workout gear that’s both functional and stylish.

Case in point: their best selling “Warren” Pant has all the stretch and sweat-wicking properties of a performance jogger, but the tapered fit and color options make it versatile enough for activities outside the gym as well. 

Wolaco apparel will cost you a bit more money, but the quality means it will likely last longer, too. 

Check Out TK ➤

Best for Both Fitness and Lifestyle Apparel ↓




  • Pricing: Slightly more expensive than Gymshark (but they have huge sales)
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: On-trend performance wear that looks good 
  • How They’re Different: Wider selection of athleisure and lifestyle apparel 

Why We Like Them:

Though its name sounds German, Echt is an Australian brand that carries a full line of stylish, affordable activewear “for the modern day athlete.”

Their regular prices are a bit more expensive than Gymshark’s, but their Outlet offers major discounts that make their clothing super affordable. 

Plus, in addition to the type of performance clothing you can wear while breaking a sweat, Echt offers a line of casual options like hoodies, jackets and joggers to wear before and after the gym.

Check Out Echt ➤

Most Stylish ↓

Gym King

Gym King workout apparel


  • Pricing: Similar to Gymshark 
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Gym-specific apparel for fitness enthusiasts 
  • How They’re Different: Slightly more fashion-focused 

Why We Like Them:

Another UK-based gym clothing brand, Gym King apparel strikes the perfect balance of hardcore workout gear and stylish athleisure. 

Their men’s and women’s workout apparel features sleek designs and a curve-hugging aesthetic that flatters a muscular physique. 

Meanwhile, their cozy tracksuits and fashionable outerwear are perfect for throwing on after the gym and between workouts. 

For a brand that caters to weight lifters, the size range is curiously small (nothing goes above XXL), but otherwise, it’s a good alternative to Gymshark. 

Check Out Gym King ➤

Best Quality (But More Expensive) ↓

Four Laps

Four Laps


  • Pricing: More expensive (but with great sales) 
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Performance-focused athletic apparel
  • How They’re Different: More focus on training and running; superior quality

Why We Like Them:

Four Laps markets to runners as well as lifters, so it’s a good Gymshark alternative for people who cross train.

Innovative, technical fabrics are their modus operandi, so you can expect high-quality apparel that’s lightweight, flexible, and moisture-wicking.

What’s more, 90% of the Four Laps products are made with recyclable or biodegradable materials, so you’re getting the sustainability factor as well. 

Check Out Four Laps ➤


Amazon activewear


  • Pricing: Similar to Gymshark, or cheaper, depending on the brand
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Online hub of affordable clothes for the gym
  • How They’re Different: Carry multiple brands and a wider range of styles 

Why We Like Them:

Amazon is probably the first place you think of when it comes to affordable anything, so workout gear should be no exception. 

You can find activewear from a variety of name brands, including Nike, Champion, and Adidas, and typically at lower prices than other retailers. 

Or, you can shop from dozens of low-priced private labels, like Amazon Essentials, for seamless leggings, track pants, crop tops, tanks and other staples.

Plus, you score free shipping if you have Prime.

Check Out Amazon ➤


ASOS gym apparel


  • Pricing: Similar to Gymshark
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Trendy athletic apparel 
  • How They’re Different: Carry several name brands in addition to their own

Like Gymshark, Asos is based in the United Kingdom, though it might not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of athletic clothing brands.

Better known for their casual clothes and street style, Asos also carries a line of sportswear that’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a stylish alternative to athletic brands like Gymshark.

In addition to their own affordable athletic clothing line, they carry a number of popular brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and more.

Check Out ASOS ➤


Adidas activewear


  • Pricing: A bit more expensive than Gymshark
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: High-quality athletic apparel 
  • How They’re Different: Wider range of sport-specific clothing options 

Why We Like Them:

You might associate this iconic brand with sneakers and footwear, but as one of the top activewear brands in the world, Adidas is one of Gymshark’s largest competitors.

Not only will you find comfortable, durable performance apparel suitable for hitting the weightroom, but they sell clothing for just about every other sport and activity on the planet as well. 

But their athletic wear doesn’t just stop at function: 

With Adidas — a trusted name in style as well as athletics — you can expect a certain level of on-trend aesthetic, too.  

Check Out Adidas ➤


Reebok activewear


  • Pricing: Similar to Gymshark 
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Functional training apparel for athletes 
  • How They’re Different: A heritage brand with a reputation in sports

Why We Like Them:

Owned by the Adidas parent company, Reebok has its own reputation as a leader in athletic apparel and sportswear.

In recent years they’ve put a heavy focus on exercise and fitness apparel, and were even the primary sponsor of CrossFit-branded apparel and the UFC for years. 

They offer workout-specific clothing for strength training and running, and while it’s not as stylish as some of the other brands, it’s well-made, well-priced, and functional. 

Unfortunately, Reebok’s e-commerce leaves something to be desired, but they run some great deals that make it worth checking out. 

Check Out Reebok ➤


Champion apparel


  • Pricing: Similar to Gymshark 
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Performance-driven activewear popular with Gen Z
  • How They’re Different: A heritage brand with vintage vibes 

Why We Like Them:

Champion is one of the oldest active wear brands on this list, having first started as the Knickerbocker Knitting Co. back in 1919, but it’s still one of the best places to turn for cool activewear.

Today, Champion has found popularity among Gen Z and Millenials who covet the brand’s timeless designs and affordable prices, as well as its sustainability practices.

While the selection is a bit more limited than Gymshark, as is the sizing, it’s a great brand for stocking up on cool gym pieces at cheap prices. 

Plus, a lot of discount and mid-priced department stores carry it (Walmart, Amazon, and Macy’s, just to name a few), so you can always find a good deal.  

Check Out Champion ➤


Nike activewear


  • Pricing: Slightly more expensive than Gymshark (with the exception of outlet items, which are cheaper or similarly priced)
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Quality athletic apparel made from performance fabrics
  • How They’re Different: More sport focused rather than gym-centric 

Why We Like Them:

Nike is a small and scrappy upstart in the athletic apparel world that probably won’t make it, but is worth giving a shot.

Just kidding. (You knew that, right?)

Probably the most iconic activewear company in the world, Nike is the one that fitness brands like Gymshark (and many others on this list) are chasing, and for good reason:

For nearly 60 years they’ve been the industry leader, offering good quality and great styles in everything from high performance athletic gear to yoga apparel and everything in between.

Some of their workout clothing costs more than Gymshark, but you can always check out their outlet store to score some great deals. 

Check Out Nike ➤


H&M activewear


  • Pricing: Similar to Gymshark 
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Minimalist workout wear made from functional fabrics
  • How They’re Different: More fashion-forward but less selection 

Why We Like Them:

H&M has long been known as a place to find modern styles for much less than you’d pay at other major retailers, so it’s no surprise that their activewear line is more fashion-forward than a lot of other affordable sportswear brands. 

But what is surprising is that it’s actually quite functional, featuring fast-dry fabrics that keep you cool and dry — as well as looking good — while you sweat. 

The quality might not be quite as good as Gymshark and some of its competitors, but it’s a great alternative for cool-looking pieces at competitive prices. 

Check Out H&M ➤

Old Navy

Old Navy activewear


  • Pricing: Cheaper than Gymshark
  • How They’re Like Gymshark: Activewear made with functional fabrics
  • How They’re Different: More versatile selection of activewear

Why We Like Them:

You may not think of this clothing brand as one of Gymshark’s competitors, but think again: 

A hidden gem of the activewear space, Old Navy Active offers a decent range of men’s and women’s fitness apparel that’s both functional and inexpensive. 

Their performance-friendly fabrics offer the same benefits you’d expect from any other sportswear line, including moisture-wicking, cooling, and even compression. 

It may not be the best brand if you’re concerned with high fashion, but when you want to load up on affordable leggings and T-shirts, it’s a good go-to. 

Check Out Old Navy ➤

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