“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

– Mark Twain

Smart guy, that Twain.

At Irreverent Gent, we believe that his words ring as true today as when he wrote them in the 19th century (even if he did fail to predict how influential OnlyFans would become).

That’s why our mission is to help guys look good and live well.

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(why should they have all the fun?)

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We generally favor humility over hubris (we are Canadian, after all), but after years of sharing smart style advice with thousands of guys, we’ve become one of the web’s most trusted sources for men’s style and self-improvement.

Irreverent Gent founder Dave Bowden has been featured in some of the world’s top publications, and—much more importantly—subsequently printed off and put on his parents’ fridge.

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