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7 of the Most Classic Men’s Sunglass Styles (and Where to Get Them)

Seven styles of classic sunglass styles have endured the test of time. Discover what they are, and what they have in common with... the Kardashians?!? Wait, that can't be right...

What to Wear in the Spring: 25 Must-Have Men’s Spring Essentials

Here are my 25 top style picks for men's spring essentials. When deciding what to wear in spring for men, the best thing to remember is...

What to Wear on St. Patrick’s Day for Men

When deciding what to wear on St. Patrick's Day, skip the lime green t-shirts and plastic leprechaun hats. Instead, stand out from the crowd by...

Look Good, Lift Good: The Best (Affordable!) Workout Clothes for Men

It turns out, the best affordable workout clothes for men don't come with Nike swishes or Under Armour logos. Instead, you can find them at...

Solved: What Kind of Underwear Women Find Most Attractive

You know what they say about making assumptions. Take the guess work out of it and find out what women say is the most attractive underwear for men.

What to Wear in the Summer – 49 Must-Have Men’s Summer Essentials

Check out 49 must-have men's summer style essentials. When figuring out what to wear in summer, the most important thing...

13 Proven Ways to Look More Handsome and Attractive

Wondering how to look more handsome? Here are 13 strategies any guy can use to improve his appearance. Overall, the best way to look better is to...

How to Shop for Men’s Clothes: What to Look For, How to Choose Them and How Much You Really Need to Spend

Wondering how to shop for men's clothes? There are five fundamental factors guys need to keep in mind, the first and most important of which is...

Instant Upgrade: How to Wear Rock a Shawl Collar Cardigan

Why learn how to wear a shawl collar cardigan when you could learn how to ROCK one? Discover the four key things you need to know and find out...

What to Wear in the Fall: 26 Pieces That Will Help You Look Awesome This Autumn

Discover the most effective ways to raise your style game when the temperature starts to drop. The best method is to make sure you...

The 5 Types of Shoes All Guys Must Have

Discover the five most must have shoes for men who want to look sharp from head to toe. To avoid the style mistake that most guys make, you have to...

How to Dress for (Social, Professional & Romantic) Success

Strengthen your style and find out how men can dress for social, professional and romantic success with this head-to-toe checklist.

Instant Upgrade: Timex Weekender Review

In this Timex Weekender review, find out how to instantly upgrade your watch game by harnessing the power of both the Weekender's size and its...

3 Easy Ways to Go Sockless in Summer

Expose your ankles to the summer sun—without exposing your coworkers, friends or date to your funky foot stank.

8 Fundamental Style Principles I Wish Someone Had Told Me About When I Was 21

Shorten your learning curve and keep yourself from making the same (embarrassing) mistakes I made by following these eight fundamental principles of men's style.

Look Good, Feel Good: What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Not sure what to wear to a spring wedding? I've been there – many, many times. From your suit down to your shoes, here's how to look sharp and stand out.

How to Buy Your First Suit: Everything You Need to Know in One (Ridiculously Comprehensive) 10-Step Guide

Get everything you need to know about how to buy your first suit (and then some!), and find the perfect kit to fit your body, budget and style.

Quick Hit: The Single Best Way to Avoid Shrinking Shit in the Laundry

After shrinking a favorite sweater in the laundry I made a solemn vow – no more. Find out how to keep your shit fitting perfectly for years to come.

Instant Upgrade: Uniqlo Merino Wool Sweater Review

Let's go over what makes for a good v-neck and the (many) factors that make Uniqlo’s merino wool sweater one of the best value vees on the market.

Look Good, Feel Good: How Dressing Affects Your Attitude and Confidence

The clothes don't make the man, but they can sure as hell make him feel better about himself. Find out how your style can strengthen your self-confidence.

How to Look & Feel Confident Wherever You Go: Create a Personal Style Profile

What the hell's a Personal Style Profile, you ask? The best way to make you feel comfortable, authentic and confident in your clothes.

Instant Upgrade: The Banana Republic Luxe Touch Polo

Find out why Banana Republic’s Luxe Touch Polo delivers the best bang for your buck—and how to snag one at a great price.

Steve Mc(F@&$%ing)Queen: A (Wee) Bit of Reverence for a Style Icon

Find out why they called him The King of Cool – and how you can dress like him.
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